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Tips from the pro: May

The tempo and rhythm of the golf swing.

It may sound corny but I tend to think of an individual’s golf swing like a symphony orchestra.  Like an orchestra the maestro, our brains, will need to conduct proper timing in order for all of our separate parts to function as a unit.  1,2,3,4….1,2,3,4…  The conductor hears this and translates that speed and timing to each section of the unit.  Our minds must do the same with our golf swing.  Here’s the break down:  1 = half back swing where the club is parallel to the ground.  2 = Top of the back swing.  3 = Impact.  4 = Finish and follow through.  Now there is a difference between tempo and rhythm.  The overall rhythm or speed of the swing can be as fast or slow as you want.  The tempo, or the timing between those 4 points need to be the same.  Here’s the drill, get a free metronome from the app store on your phone.  Start at 60 beats per minute and level out your swing with those 4 points.  Keep the beats and speed consistent with the metronome.  Once you get used to that speed, work up to 70 bpm, 80bpm, eventually maybe even up to 120 bpm if that is indeed in your control.  Once you are able to do this, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to have each body part “do it’s job”.


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