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Tips from the Pro

Twin Brooks is starting a monthly blog.  In it will be a small golf tip from PGA teaching professional Nick Wiseman that may help you out the next time you hit the course.


The Short Game

A lot of golfers tend to shy away from a course like Twin Brooks because of one scary thought, it will expose the short game.  Ironically, as we all know the more we work on this part of the game the more comfortable we become and the better our short game gets.  One of the more underrated parts of the short game is just how much your core and body is actually involved.  Generally speaking, the shorter the shot the more people just want to focus on a hand and arm movement.  Not the case.  In pressure situations where your hands may get a bit quick or “yippy”, your bigger muscles will be smoother and much more reliable.  Some of us may know that your hands need to stay ahead of the head of your golf club through impact to keep the leading edge of the golf club down.  But what is the easiest way to do that?  Rotation.  If we stop our movement through the ball our hands will need to find space to “release”.  Most of the time that space is up, resulting in a thin “skulled” shot. From there we may overcompensate and drive the golf club down into the ground with a common “fat” shot.  Remember every shot except for putting, the golf stroke works from the ground up.  Initiate the move with your core, instead of your hands and feel the difference in contact.  Look at how active Phil’s core is as he’s following through with his wedge below.

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See you on the course!